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Lighting The Way

Helping you to remove the heaviness,let go of everything that is weighing you down and bring the light through so that you can experience more fulfillment and joy in your life.



Therese Mc Auliffe ~IET  Practitioner, Master Instructor and Trainer :

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master Instructor IET Workshops.

Other Qualifications: Certified Angel Practitioner, Metatronic Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Laughter Yoga Leader,Diploma in Life Coaching, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Holistic Massage. 

Therese's mission statement:

The purpose behind everything I do is to raise human consciousness to a state of love.I offer this through; healing teaching, coaching, inspiring, loving, offering guided visualizations and connecting to the highest energies with the intention of helping others to clear all their energetic blocks so that they may truly get in touch with their own magnificence. 

Therese is a Master Instructor Trainer of the  Integrated Energy Therapy Ray of Healing and has been awarded a certificate in 2013,2014, and 2015 and 2016 by The Centre Of Being in america, for becoming one of the top 30 instructors world-wide in this healing modality. In 2017 Therese was invited to become a Master Instructor Trainer and she was humbled and honoured to train with Stevan Thayer in October of 2017 in New York.

Integrated Energy Therapy uses a very powerful energetic ray of healing to assist in the self-healing process of the client.

Therese has the ability to see, feel and know beyond the normal limits of vision and understanding  and is therefore naturally very intuitive and compassionate. Her empathy allows her to reach out and touch the very heart of other human beings in a loving and empowering fashion. She is very popular with all of her clients and students. She is continually developing her own spiritual wisdom and strength.

Therese has a unique connection with the Angelic/Divine  realm and channels meditations for healing and soul growth.She is gifted with a soothing  voice which helps others to also connect with their highest wisdom and power, thus promoting healing on every level of their being. She has just recently recorded two guided healing meditation, channelled directly from the Angelic realm.Freedom To Focus with Archangel Zadkiel and the Violet Flame and the other one is entitled Take Back your Power with Archangels Michael and Raphael.. This guided meditation are available on You tube. Many of my clients and customers are already using these powerful visualisationsfor their personal transformation and inner peace. 

She travelled to America in 2010 to undertake The Unleash The Power Within with Anthony Robbins. She then travelled India in 2013 where she visited the home of the Dalhi Lama, visited many temples, chanted with the Tibetian monks and even sucessfully completed a 5 day trek in the Himalayes. In Jan 2014 Therese travelled half way across the world to attend a retreat in Hawaii on the island of Maui. This retreat on Divine Love was hosted by Dr Wayne Dyer along with a whole panel of authors and speakers.  She has also  travelled to America to do some training with Anthony Robbins and has taken two separate training programmes with Dr Wayne Dyer along with  attending many “I Can Do It” events organised by Hay House.

She firmly believes that everybody is entitled to a rich full life filled with love, peace, joy, contentment and ultimately fulfillment.

Lighting the Way~

IET Healing and training ( Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master Instructor levels), Metatronic Healing,Angel Therapy, Meditation, Coaching, Laughter Yoga, Empowerment and Well-being

Lighting the Way has a unique approach to helping others find their own personal spirit of courage, strength and a deep appreciation for all of life.  We understand that a wealth of human potential lies deep within the core of every human being and it is with great joy that we offer many different methods to help you ignites your internal spark and grow it into a blazing furnace of pure light. There is no greater force in the universe than the feeling of well- being and self-value. We encourage you to discover all that you have, and by seeing this you will open up many choices. The more choices you have, the easier it it to end up in control of your life.  Our strategic pillars are in place to support and guide you to a place of well-being and internal peace and happiness where your life becomes one of personal choice and freedom.

Our philosophy is quiet simple: Each step in the right direction is taking you closer to living your dreams and desires.  We will shine the light and fan your flames so that you may choose the correct path to following your bliss with ease! 



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Welcome! Clinic every Tuesday in Malahide Dublin- 11am -8pm Meditation and Healing Circle first Tuesday of each month in New Street Mall Malahide Dublin From -8-9pm Clinic in Wicklow every Thursday From 10am- 8pm. Remote Healing and Readings by Arrangement. Workshops as Advertised Laughter Yoga Sessions available by request Thank you, Therese Mc Auliffe