Relax and enjoy a full spiritual healing wherever you are

  Remote Healing Session Only 50 euro.


 I am now offering RemoteSpiritual Healing sessions for your convenience and comfort:

Spiritual Healing is a completely natural process that promotes better health and a feeling of overall well-being. It’s completely non-invasive, natural process and fully compliments any other treatment you may be having. The healing is brought about by the channeling of the healing energies through the healer to the client. It re-energises and relaxes the clients o that his/her natural resources are stimulated and envoked to deal with the illness, challenge or injury in the best way possible.

It can be helpful in a wide range of physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional conditions. The healing energy is pure and filled with unconditional love and clients very often report a warm, loving and safe feeling during the session and indeed long after it has finished.

Relax in the comfort of your own home and recieve a beautiful healing at a time that suits you. I am now offering distant spiritual healings for those of you that would like to reap the long lasting rewards but find it difficult to actually attend for an appointment in person. There are no bounderies of time and space in the higher realms of our universe so no matter where you are living I can offer you the benefits of connecting to the angels, guides and ascended masters and bring the healing energies through for you. I am blessed to be a holder for the light and it is my privilege to channel the healing light for your healing and comfort.

On booking your session a suitable time and date will be arranged along with some simple suggestions to be followed to maximise the effects. I will send you a short audio file also, while I am still connected and send to you once I close the healing.Sometimes clients like to speak to me for a few minutes before and/or after the healing and this is easily done no matter where you live- we have Facebook audio and video or Skype readily available to us!  

I also offer face to face healing sessions by appointment at:   Essentials Holistic Centre in Malahide ,DEleven in Finglas village  and Rathdrum Co Wicklow. I also offer treatments in Co Cork as advdertised. These sessions can be booked by mail, PM or phone call. Thank you- Therese