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Love Perfect love is the love we feel inside in that all knowing, all caring, kind encompassing self. When we talk about love we often confuse it with the love that is experienced between two people and forget about the great energy of untainted, pure love as an energy that supports all of life-force. Love is the most powerful and still the most unknown energy of the world. St Francis , in his famous prayer once said-“ Where there is hatred, let me sow love”, just imagine if most of the human population choose to act like this, what a wonderful planet we would create. That idea starts individually with each and every one of us. We are not separate from anyone or anything in this world; therefore by aligning our highest self with the energy of love, we inevitably send a ripple of powerful energy into the universe, which supports all living things. We are given the free-will to choose freely and by choosing love over all, we open ourselves up to living from extraordinary levels of consciousness. We have been trained and conditioned to live from ordinary levels of consciousness. What you have believed to be true as a result of training has got you to ordinary levels of consciousness but deep inside each one of us lives a spirit that is waiting to be expressed in its highest form. Love is all encompassing and all powerful, once you become it, it becomes you. Earth is really crammed with the Love of Heaven. Look at the oceans, the mountains, the lakes, the wild flowers, the birds, the bees, the wild animals, our pets, and pause for a moment to consider how all of this magnificent creation happened. For a moment consider that God is not an external subject and open to seeing God all around you, every day in everything. Open up your heart, free your spirit and feel the love of God within you, as you. Every creature has the potential to become a creator. Begin to live each day from a place of love, and fear will automatically fade into the past. When we take a candle into a darkened room the darkness disappears and the light makes everything clearer and brighter. Behind all the evils in the world is the pain of the wounded and disconnected heart. The French spiritual teacher Arnaud Desjardins once wrote “ There are no bad people in the world, only badly loved people”. When children feel unloved, rejected or abandoned they grow up with a deep open wound which frequently leads to much misery, pain and self-destructive behaviours, along with an inability to really love themselves or anyone else. Arrogance, self-centeredness and pride are all meek attempts to make one feel special as a way to compensate for lack of genuine self- love. If we all knew ourselves as truly loveable people the vibration of our planet would raise instantly and significantly. We really need to begin with loving the self. Each day remind yourself that you were created as a spirit that is pure love. Each time you find yourself having any unloving thoughts, make a u turn by simply reminding yourself of the fact that you are pure love at your core. Tap into that invisible, all knowing, all loving part of you and choose to live a God realised life. In the stillness connect with that spark of Divinity that lies within you and grow it until it becomes a burning flame of pure love. Allow the Divine to grow and grow until you realise that you are eternal love. Namaste

 A new Prespective: 

Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.

Everybody has a spark of genius and healing within as we are all eternally powerful beings. I believe that self love is at the core of all well-being, joy, peace and empowerment. By having loving feelings towards ourselves we offer our-self the equipment to do the things that we feel good about. The great thing about this cyclical nature is that we don't have to wait another moment to begin creating the life of our dreams. I have a joyous eagerness for life and I would like to share some tips that help me to appreciate the joy of life. Step forward and let your faith be bigger than yourself. Live in the present moment and enjoy all the moments no matter what. Be willing to learn something new everyday. Allows follow the wisdom of your heart. Do more of what makes you happy- don't put it off! Believe in magic and you will find it. Become passionately curious about all of life, including yourself. Love yourself especially when you feel that you least deserve it as that is when you need it most. Be kind to yourself and others always. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Stop all judgement and replace it with a healthy curiosity. Look for the best things all around you and see those things becoming more prevelant in your experience. Surround yourself with people that pull you up and make you happy. and notice the beauty. Share your love with others unconditionally. Connect to your highest source of Divinity in a way that's perfect and right for you. Immerse yourself in nature and become aware of the oneness that created you. Find meaningful work and love what you do. Meditate often. Find the gift within painful situations Shift your life from ambition to meaning! “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.'

"As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Marianne Williamson


Angels are here to help us raise our consciousness:

It is so nice to understand that humanity is now becoming conscious of its own consciousness. Each and every one of us is awakening and becoming conscious of our consciousness. This energetic shift is going to take humanity to the next natural stage of evolution. Some of us are struggling and fighting against it, which is making life very painful and frustrating, while others are beginning to allow the magic to unfold. The Angels are here supporting you and helping you to raise your consciousness. Please ask for their help in raising your consciousness to a point of purity, a point of love, a point of interconnectedness where instant manifestation becomes the norm. At first this may seem a little too good to be true, but with practice and dedication it will become fluid and easy. There is but one key that will open up all the doors for you to fully move on and become all that you can be. This key is not a secret key, as some of you may imagine it to be. This is the universal key to all that is, all that was and all that ever will be. Use this key to open up your awareness and understanding of your own Divine consciousness. This key is known to you as LOVE, and it is the key to your magnificent multi-dimensionality. It is now time for you to throw of the shackles of fear and all other lower vibrations and reach for this key in a moment of blissful bravery. Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall be opened to you, the door to love, bliss, peace, joy, abundance, happiness and all the higher vibrations. Imagine a rose that has been blooming in your garden for some time, with the outer petals somewhat tattered and torn by life. Imagine you have this rose in your hands and you begin to peel off the outer layers of petals. Now allow yourself to visualise the beautiful core of perfection that is presenting to you as a perfectly unspoilt rosebud. It is now time for you to apply this analogy to your life here on planet earth. Close your eyes for a moment and see yourself, just like the rose, tattered and torn with the circumstances and experiences that you have so far lived through. Just for a moment longer imagine that you have the ability to peel off all those outer layers of pain, anger, regrets, beliefs, conditioning, protection etc and now at your core you will re-discover your true essence, your unconditional loving spirit, your all-knowing magnificent self. Are you ready to truly begin your journey to purity, to love and to connecting and aligning to the wisdom that has created you? This is the journey that can lead to instant peace and manifestation. At first it will take effort, and dedicated commitment but you can do it. Connect with your angels, guides or chosen deities and honestly ask for their help in assisting you to master the understanding of who you really are. They will instantly come to assist you and you will be offered many opportunities and tools that will provide you with the necessary power to comprehend your evolution so that you may move forward gracefully in a state of purity and love. Have confidence in yourself and most importantly have confidence in the universal, all knowing, I am presence. Begin by consciously fuelling and filling your vessel with light so that you may walk the path of unconditional love. Each day make a commitment to yourself to operate from that well of love that resides within you. It is necessary, at all times, to honour and nurture your physical vessel so that your vibrational energy is conducive to your spiritual growth and evolution. Choose foods that energise your body and avoid all foods that lower your vibrational frequency. Drink adequate pure water, exercise regularly, be mindful of your thoughts by paying close attention to your feelings. Take time to commune with nature and establish a daily mediation practice. Be kind with your thoughts, your words and your actions. Allow yourself to be of service to others in a way that’s perfect and right for you. What matters most in life is not about what you get back, it’s about what you give out. It is imperative that you send much light and love to your lower chakras and transcend the energy from your heart centre. Send love and gratitude from your heart to the angelic realm, while connecting to the highest part of you. Allow a globe of violet light to quench your thirst on a regular basis thereby transmuting any and all of the lower vibrational energies so that your vibration will incrementally grow to a state of love. Day by day and week by week you will become more aware of your personal confidence and power growing. You will also benefit from the higher vibrational feelings of contentment, happiness and peace. You will notice that you are truly becoming conscious of your consciousness.

Feel Good Now

Would you like to feel good now?
As a Life Coach and Spiritual Healer, I meet many people from all walks of life with various degrees of challenges and struggles on an ongoing basis. This usually shows up in the body as stress in one of its many disguises. It is my greatest pleasure to help each and every client to tap into their inner resources and restore balance once again to their life. “If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension- and if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it” George Burns. In this article I would like to address the term “Stress” and also to offer you some practical tools and strategies for management of same. Bringing balance to the stress response: Think of your body as a miraculous being, you don’t even have to think about keeping your heart beating, your lungs breathing and all of the intricate workings of your organs etc. The Automatic Nervous System (ANS) is made up of multiple parts and is responsible for many functions, including the natural stress control system. There are two main components in the ANS: The Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). The SNS activates the Fight or Flight response and floods the body with Adrenaline and Cortisol, prepares the body for fight or flight, sends extra blood/ oxygen to the limbs, dilates the pupils and plays an important role in the body’s defence system. This is what is activated when you hear of mothers lifting cars off trapped children. During our normal daily stresses the body prepares in the same way and the extra adrenaline and cortisol isn’t discharged and if left unchecked it will take its toll on your overall health and stress levels. The PNS on the other hand is there to help us to rest and to digest our food. It helps us to relax and recharge and it really is the body’s natural design. The heart beat slows down, the mind relaxes, your food is digested and you let go of stress. This is known as The Parasympathetic Response and it allows us to recuperate and enjoy natural relaxation. Both systems need to work in harmony to keep us feeling balanced and functioning properly. I like to call this a state of relaxed alertness, whereby we have a healthy balance for happy and effective living. Stress occurs when the SNS is doing too much and the PSN is doing too little. It is important that you try to identify your stressors and work toward reducing/eliminating them. Here are some usefultips:
and tools for stress management. Exercise regularly to release endorphins, Have fun and laugh whenever possible, Take up Laughter Yoga, Eat a healthy balanced diet, Seek out happy people, Take adequate rest Reduce sugar, caffeine, smoking etc, Do something everyday that you enjoy, Spend time in nature, Create a stress journal, Work with a life coach, Reframe problems- look at the big picture, Create a gratitude journal, Take up a relaxing hobby, Form a meditation practice, Balance work, rest and fun, Manage your time and make time for you!

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