I attended life coaching with Therese when I was finding it very difficult to make some necessary changes in my life. I was in a job that I hated and I was very miserable both in and out of work. A friend of mine had told me about Therese but I didnt decide to go until I was desperate. When I met her for the first time I knew that she could help me as she was warm and friendly and and I felt very much at ease. It was easy to be open as I felt I could trust her and after a few sessions I started to feel stronger and more in control of my own destiny. I continued to attend for some more sessions until I had made some dramatic changes. I am now very aware of the value of a good life coach to hold you to moving forward in your chosen direction. I highly recommend Therese to anyone that would like help and support in their life, and don't wait until you are desperate, every day matters! Thanks Theresexx


I got some IET healing sessions with Therese and straight after the first one, I got made permanent in my job (something I thought would never happen)... You might think it’s a coincidence but I know that it’s because of the healing I received from Therese, she is so connected to the angels, it’s amazing!!! What I really enjoy are the insights she gets during a healing session, all the things she said to me have happened so far...
I highly recommend a session with Therese; she is genuine, very professional and also a lovely person. Be ready to experience lots of positive changes in your life after meeting her.Thank you so much Therese, for the inspiring work you do... Love & Light xx Nathalie


 Coaching with Therese totally transformed my life. I was in a very dark place and Therese helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Therese literally held my hand while I walked the tough road to this light and continues to support me. I am now fulfilling dreams I could not have imagined before and with Therese's help I continue to surprise myself with the capability of the human spirit, with the capability of my human spirit…..

Laura :

I have been to Theresa's relaxation/guided meditation classes in Mallow. I have found them to be wonderfully relaxing but also healing and I released a pent up of stress and old hurts. I would recommend Therese as a group leader any day. She has a lovely soothing voice that is perfect for leading meditation and other subjects and she kept the classes varied and interesting and extremely beneficial.She also makes it very easy for newcomers to feel welcome in a group. Thanks Therese xxx


Therese was recommended to me through a friend, I had been going through a bit of a tough time, I started going for IET healing sessions not really knowing what to expect from it, after every session I felt so at peace, stress free & clear headed. Feeling stronger & more confident every day! Thanks Therese for helping me build myself up again x x x K.G :-)



I first met Therese in 2004 and even then I knew there was something very special about this vibrant woman. Unfortunately, at that time our relationship didn't develop and I was delighted when our paths crossed again in May 2012. One meeting led to another and we found that we had similar interests and a natural connection. Little by little, I began to glimpse the extent of Therese's talents and interests and, believe me, they were many and varied! In October I participated in the Level 1 and 2 IET Training and this has transformed my life. I look forward to working with Therese on the final part of this training over the next few weeks. During a highly stressful time for me last year, I attend a 6 week stress management class and it was amazing. This would have to be experienced to be fully understood but the sense of peace and tranquility I experienced was something that I never expected, but wholly appreciated and continue to cherish. I plan to participate in many more of Therese's training and personal development programmes and look forward to each with gusto. Therese approaches every event with enthusiasm and a sense of wonder. She is multi-talented, compassionate, non-judgemental and so much fun to be around!

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Welcome! Clinic every Tuesday in Malahide Dublin- 11am -8pm Meditation and Healing Circle first Tuesday of each month in New Street Mall Malahide Dublin From -8-9pm Clinic in Wicklow every Thursday From 10am- 8pm. Remote Healing and Readings by Arrangement. Workshops as Advertised Laughter Yoga Sessions available by request Thank you, Therese Mc Auliffe