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Dates For 2019 IET Workshops:

February 13th- Weekly Wednesday Wellness begins- 90 minutes of relaxation and healing each wednesday from 10am-11.30am - Wicklow


Februry 14th- Basic IET- Wicklow

February 17th  Basic IET- Dublin

March 3rd - Angelic IET Reunion- Wicklow

March 9th and 10th Master Instructor IET in Wicklow

March 24th- Intermediate IET in Dublin

March 30th and 31st- Master Instructor Training- Limerick

April 13th and 14th- Master Instructor Training -Dublin

April 21st- Advanced IET- Dublin


May 19th IET Advanced in Dublin

June  9th- Angelic reunion for all IET students and Master Instructors- Limerick

June 15th and 16th Master Instructor IET Training in Cork




One to one healing sessions may be booked by contacting me with your request. I offer face to face in Cork, Wicklow and Dublin and I also offer on line distant healing which is very effective. 




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